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PostSubject: SPECIFIC GUIDELINES   Wed Aug 11, 2010 1:55 pm

Using Chat Box:
~ No Spamming Of Messages
~ No Outside Links
~ No Posting of Image
~ No Flamming or offensive words
~ No Arguing

General Discussions:
~ There is for everybody a respectful and friendly
tone. We don't tolerate any aggressive, abusive, violent, radical,
racist, and discriminatory Comments. It's forbidden to make them Public
on any place (Threads, Signatures, Avatars and everywhere else) in our
~ With the Registration on Our Board you choose your own
Nickname. We can't and won't Change your Nickname after you're picked

~ Advises how to navigate on our Forum you get in our FAQ.

~ You take the whole RESPONSIBILITY for your Account.
Choose a Secure Password. If you lose or forget your Password you will
get a new one from us. If you got some problems with your new Password
ask one of our Moderator.
~ Double Accounts are forbidden and will be permanently banned by us.

~ Read First our Pinned thread for more Info before posting.
~ Make Thread on the right Section. Don't make double Threads in the Forum.
~ Use a meaningful Headline, don't use to much punctuation mark.
~ Describe your Topic with right details as possible. Also look first for the Sticky of the forum you are posting in.
If your concerns are resolved the Thread will be closed. If you got a
new Question or anything new related to your Thread ask a Moderator to
open it new.
~ Pushing of your Thread is once in 24 hours allowed. Rule violation will take a warning with you.
~ Avoid pushing of Threads older than 3 Weeks.

~ Use the Search Function before your open a new Thread. If you find a thread ask the forum Moderator for advice.
~ Topics and Threads with commercial Content ( advertisement) are forbidden.
For Security Reasons it's forbidden to post and make threads with
Information's about Real Life Info's and about provider and anything
else to blackmail someone publicly.
~ If you see or find Topics and Threads against our RULES, you can report then anytime to our Staff.

~ Spam is prohibited.
~ Please use quote function, meaningful. Quote only the section refers to your contribution.
~ do not make images in posts excessively large. Many Imagehoster got Forumhotlinks or resize functions

Spam are too short,
, baseless (futile) and not the topic / question to the
appropriate answers. Repetitions of already existing answers as well as
unnecessary to include acknowledgments, empty phrases without
justification / proof rating announcements.


~ Advertising of other forums or websites is not permitted. This includes commercial or Private advertisements of any form,
~ If You want to advertise, contact first the forum moderator or Admin staff.
~ We will notify you if you are permitted to do so.

Failure to abide in any mentioned above shall be penalized by Temporary or Permanent banning from this
Forum, Worse is we shall ban your ip address should the need arises. You will not be permitted to access from this site in the course of ban period.
IGNORANCE is not an excuse.

The forum Admin & moderators shall have full discretion to address any behavior that they feel is inappropriate. Also,
suspension or banishment from the FORUM will always result in the same in regard to forum access.
Expect that we will take serious actions to those who violates our guidelines or disrupts our community.
We will be fair and provide warning in most cases.
We reserves the right to suspend your access to these forum at any time for reasons that include,
but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these guidelines.

ons: Forum Moderators are community volunteers that give up their time
to help build a better community. They will assist with focusing topics
and enforcing guidelines. They have the ability to edit/delete posts, to
move, close or delete topics, and to temporarily moderate users’ posts.

The bottom line is that we want this forum to be a fun and safe environment for all forumers.
We welcome you all once again, and enjoy your stay here at love.
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