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 Crossfire CFPROBiz

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PostSubject: Crossfire CFPROBiz   Sun Oct 12, 2014 11:44 am

Downloadlink: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Weapon Esp
Health Bars
D3D 3D Box Esp
Distance Esp
AimBone Selection
Aim Hotkey Selection
Aim FOV ( select 45/90/180 degree FOV aim ) NEW NEW NEW !!!!!!!
Auto Switch
Visible Checks - 99% accuracy
Player Chams -- Temp Removed!
Wire frame ( player, world ) -- Temp Removed!
Fullbright -- Temp Removed!
Asus/X-Ray ( No Walls ) -- Temp Removed!
Sprite Crosshairs
FPS( Shows your Framerate/Time )
No Spread
No Recoil
No ScopeOverlay
No Weapon Weight
No Nade Damage
No KnockBack ( removes the knock back effect when you are a mutant and get shot! )
ShotGun Spread
Instant Reload

AntiAFK (wont kick ingame for being AFK)

NoFallDmg (no damage for falling or glitching)
InvisGhost (stay invisible even when you move)
WeaponHack (choose over 300++ weapons)
WeaponSelect ( Choose this option to select the hacked weapon )
Block Replays - ( blocks CF from creating replays - CF will upload a video if you get client error etc )
Menu Panic
Menu Move
Menu Save
more to come.......
Settings file - to adjust menu options via config file —

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Crossfire CFPROBiz
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